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When asked, about the meaning of the word KAIROS Nicole goes on to say that it is the Greek word for “appointed time”, “Everything is coming together at the right time.”

Growing up in a small Holland village, Nicole Bus vividly recalls listening to Sade, Bob Marley, and various gospel artists a la Ron Kenoly alongside her dad. On weekends, she sang in church before eventually picking up a keyboard at ten-years-old and cooking up countless rudimentary beats on 8MB floppy disks.

In high school, a mentor who gave her theater and dance lessons introduced her to Lauryn Hill by way of the artist’s seminal MTV Unplugged performance, and it proved nothing short of lifechanging. “It showed me how to put all of my emotion and passion into music,” she elaborates

KAIROS is a love letter to all her influences a sound track of her youth.

Nicole Bus


Nicole’s first single “You” hinted at the scope of her robust range and the international implications of the sound. A reggae groove simmers beneath jazzy horns as her jaw-dropping delivery takes the spotlight before slipping into a sample of the original instrumental behind WuTang Clan’s classic “C.R.E.A.M.”

It paved the way for her debut album, Kairos, which Nicole co-executive-produced and coproduced along with the legendary Needlz [Bruno Mars, Cardi B] who produced the entire album. With Kairos, Nicole cultivated a fluid, focused, and fiery genre-blurring vision.

The single and album opener “Mr. Big Shot” fuses island-style production with a show-stopping and soulful vocal performance, stretching from vibrant verses into a knockout hook. Elsewhere, Nicole ignites more vocal fireworks on “Love It”—which she also performed on NPR to much praise. Everything culminates on the vulnerable, yet uplifting “Look Up To The Sky.”

At the heart of Nicole’s unique sound is which draws on Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul and more. Nicole Bus' sound is nostalgic. It's reminiscent of vintage R&B, yet still feels current, and can transcend age and demographics. Check out Kairos’ influences below.


As Long As I Got you

As Long As I Got You

On the team we had this amazing songwriter called Rocky. He came up with the idea to take the Wu Tang Clan sample from the song C.R.E.A.M and incorporate it into the track. The moment we flipped the song we know it was going to be something special. Isaac Hayes iii, the son of the late Isaac Hayes agreed and gave us access to more unreleased songs of his late father. We had the honor to release a song that has never ever been released to the public.


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